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The Program

This Lifestyle Medicine program is sponsored by Valley Care IPA.  This 8-week series is fully funded, which means no out-of-pocket costs to you.  It is evidence-based medicine which means, no fads, no misinformation, and an opportunity to learn what the science says about the best way we know to care for our medical conditions. 


Participants typically end the program with improved health and with knowledge to have the improved health continue for many months and years to come.


As the base of treatment for most chronic conditions, Lifestyle Medicine aims to help us address underlying causes of disease and to help us live our best lives.  It teaches us about the impact our daily decisions have on our health.  I usually describe it to patients as “the information that your doctor would give you if they could see you for eight 2-hour sessions.”  Many people do not realize how much they can change their own health and improve quality of life with their choices regarding things like nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. 

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